Fiscal Management

For DRCPM’s property owners, knowing how the property is performing financially is of the utmost importance. Some want to know their current NOI number at the end of the month; others want to know right now.

In both cases, DRCPM utilizes the MRI system, one of the real estate industry’s most sophisticated and trusted software systems. The MRI System helps DRCPM to provide all required financial reports and budgeting/forecasting formats to its owners. Reports are sent to owners accurately and in a timely manner.

Fiscal Management is more than just numbers and reports. Through the numbers we develop a galvanized understanding of the owner’s vision of the property and develop strategies to help achieve them. The numbers help us to see current situations and forecast trends that enable us to work with leasing, tenant reps and marketing to improve the property’s occupancy and brand. Having a “Cadillac” software system is a must for our business. Equally important is having the knowledge and experience to understand the numbers and what they mean for each client.