Facility Management

DRCPM provides Facility Management services for some of the Triad’s largest properties, and some of its smallest. Perhaps no other property in the Triad is as recognizable and challenging as DRCPM’s iconic Wells Fargo Center. Standing 29 stories tall and totaling more than 550,000 sq. ft., the Wells Fargo Center features state of the art environmental controls, transportation devices, and security measures.

At the other end of the spectrum, DRCPM provides simple Facility Management services for owners who don’t want the hassle of tending to vendors or receiving alarm calls at 2 a.m.

In either case, DRCPM’s primary Facility Management goal is to lower the total facility costs without sacrificing service/security levels or taking on unnecessary risks. DRCPM specializes in providing the proper workplace environment, reducing operating expenses and supervising third-party vendors, all the while improving the client’s bottom line. That’s what best in class Facility Management is all about.